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A weblog (or just blog) is a site that ‘distributes’ or highlights articles (which are called ‘blog entries’, ‘posts’, or ‘sections’), composed by an individual or a gathering that make utilization of any or a mix of the accompanying:

· Straight writings

· Photographs or pictures (photoblog)

· Video (videoblog)

· Audio documents (audioblog)

· Hyperlinks

Typically introduced and masterminded backward sequential request, blogs are basically utilized for the accompanying purposes:

· Online diary or a web journal

· Content managament framework

· Online distributing stage

A normal blog has the accompanying segments:

· Post date – the date and time of the blog section

· Category – the class that the blog has a place with

· Title – the title of the blog

· Main body – the primary substance of the blog

· RSS and trackback – joins the blog once again from different destinations

· Comments – discourses that are included by perusers

· Permalinks – the URL of the full article

· Other discretionary things – timetable, chronicles, blogrolls, and additional
items or modules

A blog can likewise have a footer, normally found at the base of the blog, that demonstrates the post date, the creator, the classification, and the ‘details’ (the nubmer of remarks or trackbacks).

There are various kinds of blogs. Some of them are the accompanying:

1. Political blog – on news, governmental issues, activism, and other issue based blogs, (for example, battling).

2. Individual blog – otherwise called online journal that may incorporate a person’s everyday affair, dissensions, lyrics, and illegal contemplations, and correspondences between companions.

3. Topical blog – with center either around a specific specialty (capacity or position) that is typically specialized in nature or a nearby data.

4. Wellbeing blog – on particular medical problems. Therapeutic blog is a noteworthy classification of wellbeing blog that highlights medicinal news from social insurance experts as well as real patient cases.

5. Artistic blog – otherwise called litblog.

6. Travel blog – with center around a voyager’s stories on a specific excursion.

7. Research blog – on scholastic issues, for example, look into notes.

8. Legitimate blog – on law (specialized regions) and lawful undertakings; otherwise called ‘blawgs’.

9. Media blog – center around lies or irregularities in broad communications;
normally elite for a daily paper or a TV station.

10. Religious blog – on religious points

11. Instructive blog – on instructive applications, typically composed by understudies and educators.

12. Synergistic or aggregate blog – a particular theme composed by a gathering of individuals.

13. Catalog blog – contains an accumulation of various sites.

14. Business blog – utilized by business visionaries and corporate representatives to advance their organizations or discuss their work.

15. Representation blog – center around non-individual or articles, (for example, mutts).

16. Spam blogs – utilized for advancing associated sites; otherwise called ‘splogs’.

Blogging is normally done on a general (day by day) premise. The expression “blogging” alludes to the demonstration of composing, keeping up, or adding an article to a current blog, while the expression “blogger” alludes to a man or a gathering who keeps a blog.

Today, more than 3 million blogs can be found in the Web. This figure is ceaselessly developing, as the accessibility of different blog programming, devices, and different applications make it less demanding for pretty much anybody to refresh or keep up the blog (even those with practically no specialized foundation). On account
of this pattern, bloggers would now be able to be arranged into 4 primary composes:

· Personal bloggers – individuals who center around a journal or on any theme that an individual feels unequivocally about.

· Business bloggers – individuals who center around advancing items and administrations.

· Organizational bloggers – individuals who center around inner or outside correspondence in an association or a group.

· Professional bloggers – individuals who are enlisted or paid to do blogging.

Problogging (proficient blogging) alludes to blogging for a benefit. Probloggers (proficient bloggers) are individuals who profit from blogging (as an individual blog distributer or an enlisted blogger).

The following are only a portion of the numerous money-making open doors for probloggers:

· Advertising programs

· RSS promoting

· Sponsorship

· Affiliate Projects

· Digital resources

· Blog arrange composing gigs

· Business blog composing gigs

· Non blogging composing gigs

· Donations

· Flipping blogs

· Merchandising

· Consulting and talking

The accompanying are a couple of things that you have to consider on the off chance that you need to be fruitful in problogging:

1. Be understanding. Problogging requires a ton of time and exertion, also a long aul vision.

2. Know your group of onlookers. Focusing on a particular crowd or gathering is a vital component to building a readership.

3. Be a ‘specialist’. Spotlight on a particular specialty point and endeavor to be the “go-to” blogger on that subject.

4. Broaden. Try different things with different include and subsidiary projects that empower you to profit on the web (beside blogging).

5. Try not to exhaust your perusers. Spotlight on the design. Blank areas, line spacings, and greater text styles make a blog inviting to peruse.

Positively, it is conceivable to win money from blogs. One simply needs to go out on a limb, the energy, and the correct state of mind with a specific end goal to be a fruitful problogger.

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