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How to Start an Internet Business without Technical Skills?

How to Start an Internet Business without Technical Skills?


I know how you feel, I felt the same and yes I have a technical development and programming so I learned what I needed but what if you can not or do not want too much?


It was a question I had been thinking about for a while. You see, many years ago, I used to help people help themselves, it was probably the most satisfying job I’ve ever done.


With that in mind, I wondered if I could help other people or steer them in the right direction at least.


Knowing what I was doing about running an online business, I sat down and noted some criteria that the right solution should meet. Any online business for a “blank” coding, if you will excuse the term, must:


  1. Provide a complete website.
  2. Be able to offer services to both beginners and experts.
  3. Be affordable.
  4. Have clear instructions and / or training and preferably be fully automated.
  5. Offer solutions that people outside of marketing would like.


It seems like a big challenge, but I thought I could find a solution. If I did not do it, I would create one.


What really surprised me when I looked was that the solutions were there right in front of me and what surprised me the most was that I had seen these solutions and ignored them because I I had seen them so often before!


How stupid is it? If you continue to see the same product offered month after month, year after year, then it probably works. Why? Because no one is going to spend a lot of money advertising a lemon, right? Of course not.


Here is one of the solutions I found and what it has to offer, remember the list above?


  1. Provides an extensive website for any blank Internet.
  2. If you have no idea about HTML code and no experience, then it’s the cheapest, most complete professional solution you’ll find.
  3. The cost is in progress, that is, you pay monthly, but you do it with all the websites. The cost is about the same as I spend on managing 3 cheap websites, but I have the experience.
  4. It’s the most amazing thing, you have a full support team, online videos and real people to talk to over the phone and fully automated content and customer tracking.
  5. You can have a site offering products and services provided by the people who perform all the maintenance of the website for you, or, you can have your own products and services and market them through the site.

Looks like a winner! That is, believe me, it is.

I have seen the website of this site so many times that after reading it years ago (and rejecting it because I knew I knew better), I only read it again this year.

After reading it again and again, I looked at the price and got my credit card right away. I have not looked back since.

So, I guess you would like to know what I found. Well, I was so impressed that I added this particular package to a new site I had created on my first website.

Aimed at helping people get started in business, I recommend you visit the products page at and look closely at “An Internet Business From the out of the box ”

I am sure you will be delighted when you look at what is available. I know how excited I am about this incredible opportunity.

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