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How to choose the right website for you

How to choose the right website for you

Choosing what you want your site to be is not always as obvious as it may seem. There are so many options at your disposal that it is really worth taking the time to think about this question before you start. Are you asking what you are really looking for to have an online presence? Do you want a personal website, an online store, a blog or a calendar-style presence? Or do you want to launch a forum related to your product or interest, perhaps an ezine with a return website or if you are an artist, photographer or craftsman, maybe an online gallery would better promote you? To help you decide, try to ask yourself these questions.


Do you want to sell physical goods? Items that need to be delivered by mail, such as books, toys, clothing, electrical appliances, etc. are ideal for an ecommerce site. There are many options for cataloging your articles by entering them into a database. It sounds more complicated than it actually is. Most store building software has a simple interface that allows you to enter items in obvious categories, add prices, sizes, and more. and shipping costs. The Add to Cart buttons are generated for you for each item.


There are a large number of companies that offer shop floor solutions for your website, but they do not all have the same facilities. As always, it’s better to research and find one that does everything you want. Most companies will offer you a free trial and I recommend choosing a company that does.


You can choose to buy a building software to install it on your computer, the advantage being that it is a one-time purchase and no recurring monthly payments, apart from your web hosting. You can also choose the hosted store option. There are a lot of companies that offer this. The advantages are that your hosting and your website are integrated. Everything is done online so you can even update your shop from any computer wherever you are. These options are usually very simple to use and have good help menus.


Do you want to sell downloadable products, for example. software, music, ebooks? Downloadable products are very hot articles on the Internet. The reason is obvious and benefits everyone. The buyer receives his purchase immediately the payment has been made and the seller has no more stock to buy, keep or deliver. Some examples of products are music, images, software, models and ebooks.


Ebooks are one of the most popular downloadable products. They are very easy to produce and most people have the ability to read them from their computer screen or even print them. “How” books are by far the most popular because they provide answers, solutions and ideas. The Internet is used by many as a research tool and people are actively seeking information and solutions to problems. If you can provide these on a fairly popular niche topic, your ebook is likely to be in demand.


There are several websites that offer you the opportunity to sell downloadable products, such as Clickbank and Payloadz. A quick search on google will give you more options to explore to find the most suitable for your particular needs.


Are you an artist, a photographer or a craftsman? First, ask yourself what your goal will be to have an online presence. For example, are you looking for a chic online wallet or do you want to set up an ecommerce store where you promote the sale of your work and original prints? Can you design websites or do you have the financial means to ask someone to build one for you? Do you have enough I.T. skills to join one of the many online galleries that allow you


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