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How do you build an affiliate site?

How do you build an affiliate site?

First, let’s define the affiliate site: for our purposes, it’s a website that allows you to make money without physically selling something using techniques like Google AdSense and other advertiser programs.


Valid websites


I heard that anyone can build a website and that’s true. Programs like FrontPage are ideal for creating affiliate websites. Unfortunately, it often happens that the creator of the site is carried away and tries to put all the whistles and bells on the site. Affiliate sites should be a clean and valid code and not be too messy with candy eyes. By default, clean code equates to faster page loading and better search engine optimization. Always try to code your sites to be valid websites.


Use tables in your website design


Tables have long been the only way to position your content on your website; However, the introduction of CSS and in particular CSS2 / 3 allows the designer to build sites without using tables. However, the use of tables in the design of the website is still valid, so go ahead and use them.




It seems that there are two types of affiliate website design logic. On the one hand, it has the job of the home-based affiliate webmaster who is happy to have a botched website that only has commercials popping up everywhere and the other one still working at home is creating a slightly sticky website. The preference here is to build an adhesive website. Because? Well, one of your good manners! If you want someone to look at your website, you have to give them a purpose to do it! Secondly, your user will take a little more time on your adhesive site, which increases your chances of clicking on one of your ads, which saves you money! And finally, an adhesive website with good content can even attract its viewer for the second or third time. With a botched website, the user will see the ads immediately in the top half of the page and will recognize the site as “junk”, a website that lacks content and only to click on an ad. What type of affiliate site user are you?




Design your affiliate website to be attractive but not excessive. The user is there to get information. While searching for this information on your website, your design will draw them to your ads. Graphic usage should be kept to a minimum and you should always use alt tags to your advantage. The links should be in text format and it is said that providing a site map helps with SEO. How many pages you have is questionable, but 20 to 50 pages would be the minimum starting point. Note: I said the starting point! Your affiliate website will need to grow, so be prepared to add additional web pages to your website. If you have created a plan for your website before you begin, you will understand the structure of the website and the additional pages quite easily.


Running Your Home Affiliate Website Business


Work at home and make money from your affiliate website, it should not be taken literally! An affiliate home job, you can make money, but do not give up the work of the day. We are currently testing several methods to make money at home using a website. It’s very early but income is generated, do not be fooled, income has not yet reached $ per day, but I can tell you that you can build a website and make money!


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