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Best ways to make money online in 2018

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Best ways to make money online in 2018

Need to work from the comforts of your home or planning a post-retirement career or perhaps looking to supplement your salary with a little bit of extra cash? The market today has an overflow of opportunities that can be explored to make money online. There is definitely no shortage of online work for those willing to put in that extra time and effort. Following is a brief list of the ten most lucrative ways of earning an income through online work:


  1. Online tutoring – If you have the subject expertise, online tutoring is one of the high paying professions for those wanting to earn that extra cash and even a complete living sometimes. It offers a tremendous sense of flexibility regarding choice of subjects and the grade that one wants to start tutoring with. What’s more, the introduction of interfaces like virtual tutoring gives professionals the option to chose their preferred time slots around the clock and students across the globe.
  2. Blogging– The internet is loaded with case studies of successful bloggers who have been able to earn a living or even make a fortune with their blogs. If you are an expert or even passionately into a niche, the process is simple and well explained under various resource articles on the web. All you need is to create a blog page, develop good quality and interesting content, engage your readers and get sufficient traffic, and monetize your blog through one of the various available channels like advertising, Affiliate income, etc.
  3. Virtual Assistant Jobs– Yes, the professional world is slowly but surely shifting from in-office services to the virtual ones. A good number of offices like to save on their resources by engaging virtual services in the fields of office administration, human resourcing, accounting, etc. A lot of good sites like the Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, etc. are flooded with these opportunities at fairly good average hourly rates.
  4. Affiliate Marketing– This is nothing but the good old way of earning commissions on the sale of a product based on the number of productive customers brought in. online Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the most lucrative ways of making an income if sales and marketing are your skills. A good number of online organizations offer affiliate programs which further offer individual tracking links for various products. these can be used by individuals to promote the product online and get customers and earn commission on each sale.
  5. Consulting– If you have specialized technical skills in a particular area, you can earn from the comforts of your home by simply offering your expertise. There are various online consulting sites available such as Zintro, Maven, etc. which can be used as a platform.  The only requirement is to set up your profile (or lift the one on LinkedIn). You can search for relevant clients and suitable consulting jobs within your specialization or let the clients search you. A good number of consultants, especially from technical fields like App/website developers, law, project management, writers, etc. prefer the flexibility offered by online consulting jobs as compared to regular full-time ones.
  6. Drop Shipping– A simple product selling model where an online retailer buys products from wholesale suppliers, adds them to their virtual online store, and sells them to a customer. The order information is supplied to the wholesaler who then manages the shipment on behalf of the online retailer, often retaining the retailer’s company name and credentials on the product. The business is easy to get into with its zero to low start-up cost. It is however definitely for the strong and focused ones, who can deal with the everyday headaches of delivery, returns, profit margins, etc. and work it all up into a profitable business.
  7. App creation– Are you an IT professional with good programming skills and a creative bent of mind? If yes, a well rewarding career as a freelance App developer is definitely worth considering. With the growing demand for apps supported by various operating systems, there is a forever growing need for talented developers. Various online job posting sites have reported tremendous escalation in the number of listings posted for developers. The world today needs an app for everything, and there is no stopping for those who have the skills to do so.
  8. You tube video creation– The term is self-explanatory and simple to start for those with that extra swell of talent. It starts with building your personalized you tube channel, add attractive content/ videos, drive sufficient traffic or develop an audience and monetize the channel by allowing You tube to publish ads on the channel.
  9. Online surveys– There are various online sites which offer small cash, rewards or gift coupons to participate in online surveys. The surveys mostly are for clients spanning various consumer products or even for government organizations in the fields of healthcare, educations, etc. This surely is not a full income supplement but an easy source for that little bit of extra needed cash. It is however definitely recommended to scan the web for legit survey companies with good paying records since there is no dearth of scams in this sector.
  10. Cryptocurrency trading– the world is in a crazy cryptocurrency storm at the moment. However, this is definitely for those who have that extra cash to invest without worrying about losses. Although it has definitely turned the fortunes of many in the last year or so, it is fair to say that cryptocurrency trading even for the most enthusiastic follower is not much different from a gamble.

There are various other options available apart from the ones mentioned above. Options like PTC sites, Captcha solving to make money, becoming an online seller on numerous websites like Amazon, etc. are various other attractive ways of earning online cash. Making money online is definitely an attractive proposition for every professional with a specialized skill set. However, finding the most suitable individualized way is the secret to succeed in the online world.  Like all regular jobs, instant success without hard work is not possible with any of the techniques mentioned above, and the key lies in the efforts and dedication of an individual.



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